Brandan Mativi

Brandan Mativi is a multifaceted professional with a proven track record of success in the business world. His vast knowledge and experience in real estate, finance, law, and international business make him a valuable asset to CapitalPoint and our clients.

As a military veteran, he has a strong sense of discipline and drive, which has contributed to his numerous achievements in the business world. In addition, his passion for blockchain technology and cryptocurrency investing make him a valuable resource for clients looking to enter the digital asset market.

Brandan Mativi is a seasoned international consultant, serial entrepreneur building and maintaining over 10 international companies, with over 40 years of experience in compliance, regulatory, and dispute-related matters. He possesses a wealth of expertise in various areas such as international audits and investigations, technology exports and sanctions compliance, and complex commercial litigation, arbitration, and negotiations. He is well-versed in real estate investment, historical assets, mining, blockchain and cryptocurrency cross-border financial solutions. Furthermore, he has held senior executive level positions with international corporations in Miami, Barcelona, Hong Kong, Caracas, and the EU Assembly. He is also the Globalist/Founder of an international private Council Group ( A top-tier government agency/private sector of international professionals with a philanthropist initiative constructing think tank solutions for global actions. He is a dedicated and reliable professional who is committed to helping our clients achieve their investment goals.