Ilda Zaloshnja

Ilda Zaloshnja is a highly experienced professional with a strong background in the Albanian real estate market. She holds a BA degree in Italian Language and Literature and has held the position of College Professor at Tirana’s University in Albania.

Ilda’s business experience includes being the Flagship franchise holder of CENTURY 21 in Albania in 2008, where she played a key role in bringing capitalist real estate structure to Albania and creating professional and institutional standards in the then chaotic real estate market. Currently, she is the CEO of two investment firms, THE POINT Strategies shpk and Capital Point shpk. Her executive staff has a combined experience level of over 75 years in practical investment strategies.

Ilda is also the executive Initiator of NAREA – National Albanian Real Estate Association – board member and current Vice President. She is currently assisting the Albanian Government to meet EU qualifications of Real Estate laws and regulations, manual instruction and licensing since 2019. Her relationships within the industry are extensive, and she is known for her work in bringing Albania and its extensive growth to offshore investors.