Eco-Luxury Living

Green Coast Resort & Residences is a landmark development harmoniously integrating top-tier luxury with the pristine natural beauty of the Albanian Riviera. Set against the backdrop of the crystal-clear Ionian Sea and the untouched hills of Palase, the resort offers a retreat into nature, where the echo of waves and the whispers of pine trees create a symphony of serenity. The development prides itself on sustainable luxury living, with properties designed to meet eco-friendly standards without compromising on comfort or elegance.


A Community of Elegance

Green Coast is not just a resort; it’s a vibrant community where life is measured in moments of joy and relaxation. The development offers a variety of residential choices, from elite deluxe villas that provide privacy and tranquility to spacious apartments that offer social connectedness and stunning sea views. Designed with attention to detail, each residence reflects the unique character of the Albanian coast, providing an idyllic setting for a second home or a year-round residence. With amenities that cater to every aspect of a high-end lifestyle, including private beaches, sports facilities, and bespoke services, Green Coast is redefining the expectations for Mediterranean living.

Investment in Paradise

Positioned as a strategic investment, Green Coast promises substantial growth potential. The development invites investors to partake in a venture that is expected to appreciate in value, buoyed by Albania’s increasing allure as a tourist destination. With a master plan that considers long-term sustainability and growth, Green Coast is an opportunity to invest in a property that will deliver both a return on investment and a retreat into luxury. Whether for personal use or as a rental property, investing in Green Coast is a decision to embrace a lifestyle that’s attuned to the rhythms of nature and the lap of luxury.


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