The Visionary Marina Development

Embarking on a new horizon of nautical elegance, Vlora Marina is set to be the jewel of the Albanian coast. This project is not just about berthing yachts; it’s about creating a vibrant community where the sea meets luxury living. The marina will provide a haven for 438 ships, complemented by comprehensive facilities including a well-connected road network, ample parking, and a pristine private beach. The development includes two four-star hotels, envisioned as sanctuaries of relaxation and comfort, offering guests an immersive experience in luxury with breathtaking Adriatic views. These establishments, alongside a selection of commercial and service units, will cater to an international clientele, seeking a blend of maritime charm and upscale amenities.


Residential Elegance

Imagine a home where the horizon is your daily canvas – this is the promise of Vlora Marina’s residential offerings. These premium apartments are designed to deliver more than just a living space; they offer a panoramic embrace of the sea and the sky. Each residence is an epitome of A-Class luxury, with options varying from cozy one-bedroom apartments to expansive multi-bedroom family homes. Prospective residents can choose from a variety of views, orientations, and floor levels, with pricing tailored to each unique perspective. The residences are set to become a benchmark for luxury living in Albania, presenting an unparalleled investment opportunity that promises an appreciation in value and an elevated lifestyle.

A Future of Prosperity

Vlora Marina is envisioned as a transformative project for the Albanian Riviera, expected to bring substantial economic growth and an increase in property values. With an estimated sale price rise to 5000 euros per square meter by 2024, this marina is positioned as an auspicious investment with substantial growth potential. The range of property typologies caters to diverse investor profiles, from those seeking a tranquil retreat to others looking for a family-oriented environment. Vlora Marina’s promise of a future-proof investment comes with the assurance of luxury, security, and a life well-lived. It represents not just a development but a shift towards a more prosperous and sophisticated coastal lifestyle, making it a beacon for international investors and residents alike.


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