Albania, a burgeoning nation in the Balkans, is making significant strides in infrastructure development, propelling its connectivity and economic growth. From highways to railways, ports to airports, the nation is undergoing a transformation that promises to reshape its future.

Highways and Roads:

A major milestone in Albania’s road infrastructure is set to be achieved in 2024 with the completion of the Llogara Tunnel. This project, which began in November 2021, is expected to significantly improve transportation efficiency. Additionally, the Tirana-Durrës highway is undergoing expansion to accommodate the increasing volume of vehicles, tripling its initial capacity. This expansion includes an additional lane on each side, enhancing the flow and safety of traffic​​.


The Albanian railroad system is witnessing its first major overhaul in decades. The Tirana-Durres section, a crucial 34-kilometer stretch, is currently under construction. This project, supported by the EBRD and the EU, also includes a new railway line that connects Tirana and Durres to Tirana International Airport, enhancing the country’s connectivity. The reconstruction of the railway line Vora – Hani i Hotit is another significant step, with its completion scheduled for 2027. This project aims to transport over 1.7 million people by rail in the next two decades​​​​​​.


In the realm of civil aviation, Albania is focusing on enhancing its airport infrastructure. Continuous investments are being made at Tirana Airport to manage the increasing flow of passengers. A notable development in 2024 will be the completion of Vlora Airport. This project is crucial as it will significantly boost the country’s tourism and international connectivity​​​​.


The Albanian government is also investing in its marinas, with a particular focus on accommodating superyachts. The Durrës Waterfront and Marina Vlorë are undergoing transformations to provide berthing for up to 130 superyachts. This includes amenities such as fueling stations, utilities, onsite light maintenance, and disposal facilities. These developments are part of a broader strategy to enhance Albania’s appeal as a premier yachting destination​​​​.


Albania’s ambitious infrastructure projects are a testament to its commitment to growth and modernization. These developments in highways, railroads, airports, and marinas are not just reshaping the country’s landscape but also its potential as a key player in the region. As these projects reach completion, they promise to open new avenues for economic development and international connectivity.