Albania is set to redefine its coastal landscape with the ambitious Durrës Yacht & Marina project. This €2 billion development is not just a marina but a comprehensive transformation of the Durrës port area, poised to make Albania a key player in the yachting industry.

The Vision:

The Durrës Yacht & Marina project represents a substantial public-private partnership between the Albanian government and the private sector. Spearheaded by Eagle Hills Real Estate Development, the project is an epitome of modern infrastructure melding with luxury and functionality. The vision extends beyond just yachting facilities; it encompasses luxury homes, hotels, retail units, and more, aimed at revitalizing the entire region.

Strategic and Luxury Development:

Strategically located about 34 kilometers from the capital Tirana, this development is set to feature 12,000 luxury homes and a state-of-the-art marina capable of accommodating the largest superyachts in the world. The project also includes hotels and hotel apartments, retail units, parks, and even a terminal for international cruise liners, marking it as a unique destination on the Albanian coast. This holistic approach aims to provide a luxurious and sustainable experience for visitors and residents alike.

NATO Involvement and Strategic Importance:

The project has also gained strategic significance with NATO’s involvement, particularly for the military aspect of the development. This collaboration underlines the project’s importance at both national and international levels, potentially enhancing Albania’s geopolitical standing in the region.

Impact on Tourism and Economy:

Upon its completion, the Durrës Yacht & Marina is expected to revolutionize Albania’s image as a yachting destination, stimulating both tourism and economic growth. The project reflects a blend of luxury living and significant investment opportunities, potentially transforming Albania into a pivotal yachting hub in Europe.


The Durrës Yacht & Marina project is more than an infrastructural endeavor; it’s a symbol of Albania’s ambition and commitment to growth. With its strategic location, luxurious offerings, and economic potential, the project is set to redefine Albania’s position on the global maritime map and become a source of national pride.

The project is a testament to Albania’s evolving landscape, where modern infrastructure meets the allure of the Adriatic, promising a future where luxury and development go hand in hand​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​.